I was that kid who every afternoon watched reruns of Bob Ross’s “The Joy of Painting”. I was in ah of how he could turn a small splatter of paint into a beautiful conifer or majestic mountain lake, with just a swipe of the brush. I was mesmerized and in my element for that half hour and even at the age of five I knew, I wanted to do the same thing. I didn’t know how but knew I’d get there.

I was born with a condition which left me without the use of my hands but quickly i realized I could draw and paint by mouth, biting down on the tool giving me complete control.

As time went on I honed my love for art and revisited the idea of turning my artistic abilities into a career. I spent years Selling my paintings, working in galleries as an assistant curator, art residencies and even hosting several solo shows. I loved that. The process, of combining art with event coordinating It kept me in touch with my roots.

Socializing and entertainment were essential in our house growing up, the house was always filled with music, food, people and art. This was my realization, I could create a space for folks to connect with their loved ones. Inclusive where they could come be creative, let loose, learn something new and leave feeling restored.

Henry Matisse said “An Artist is an explorer” and so, in 2018 ArtXcursion was born.


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Select photos provided by Matt Bradle and Carla Wilkinson